Terms and Conditions for Mountain Sky Glamping Safari Tents

Your contract partner is Mountain Sky Glamping, Ash Park Farm, 3 Killunaght Road, Dungiven, Co Derry, N. Ireland  BT47 4TU. Your booking and payment of the deposit or full amount for your tent (s) is your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  If you have any queries please call us on 07870 728002

1. Bookings and Payments

Mountain Sky Glamping only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years of age. The dates of your booking will be held upon payment of a non-refundable deposit of 30% or payment in full. Any booking less than 10 weeks in advance of your check in date must be paid in full immediately.

On receipt of the deposit, a booking confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours, containing the details of your stay and of payments made and due. If you have not received your booking confirmation within the specified time, please notify us as soon as possible. Payment can be made though our website secure payment system or if agreed with us in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.  Credit card charges will be your cost.

Where a deposit has been paid, full balance payment will be due 10 weeks in advance of your check in date and a reminder will be sent to you two weeks prior to this date, where applicable, by email. If you are unable to pay the balance before the stated due date, you will forfeit your deposit and your booking will be cancelled. Mountain Sky Glamping reserves the right, at all times, without statement of reasons, to refuse a booking.

A contract shall only arise between us when your booking is confirmed in writing by email to the email address you have provided in the booking form or by post. The person who makes the booking certifies that he or she is authorised to agree the booking conditions on behalf of all persons included in the booking form, including those substituted or added at a later date.

 2. Prices

The prices featured on the website are not binding; Mountain Sky Glamping reserves the right to modify these prices. At the time of booking you will be informed of the prices applicable. The price stated on the confirmation invoice is binding. We occasionally offer special offers and discounts; these cannot be applied retrospectively after the confirmation has been received from Mountain Sky Glamping.

3. Cancellations

Cancellation by you at any time will result in your deposit being forfeited, as all deposits are non-refundable. All monies paid for a holiday (deposit and balance) are non-refundable within 10 weeks before check in date.

Cancellation of any holiday after it has been paid in full and at a date 10 weeks or more in advance of your check in date, will result in forfeiture of your deposit (or an amount equivalent where one was not paid as the holiday was paid in full) and the balance being returned to you.

Mountain Sky Glamping strongly advise that you have valid annual holiday insurance that will provide suitable cover for accidents, illness, bereavement, transport difficulties as well as extreme weather conditions.

4. Arrival and Departure Time and Clearing Up

Our check in time is between 4 – 6pm; it is very important to plan your journey so that you arrive during these hours, due to safety reasons we do not allow cars into campsite field unless it is an emergency.

Check out is by 10.30am on the day of departure. You must organize all clearing up before you leave so that the site and tents are clean, tidy and clear of all rubbish and bottles for our other guests. Please put all rubbish and bottles in the containers provided near the farm larder.

5.  Rental of Luxury Safari Tent/s

By renting a Luxury Safari Tent all guests must adhere to the rules of behaviour. Guests must be mindful of other guests and behave in a considerate and safe manner with regard to the site and fellow guests.  Guests must keep noise level to a reasonable level especially after 11pm.

Vehicles should never be driven up to the Luxury Safari Tents unless in an emergency or specific permission has been granted. We are not responsible for rubbish collection, washing up of cutlery and crockery, stripping or making beds, firewood for stoves beyond daily allocation. If you leave your tent in an improper condition, additional (cleaning) costs can be charged.

If you or any of your guests behave inappropriately, improperly or illegally we reserve the right to ask you and all of your invitees (at our sole discretion) to leave the site before the end of the booking period. No refund will be given in these circumstances.  In addition, the Owner reserves the right to sue the guest for any loss, damage or injury caused to the Owner, the Property or to other guests and/or their property.

6. Information

Information on our website is correct to the best of our knowledge but we are not bound by obvious printing errors or information outside our control that may cause it to become inaccurate.

7. Day Visitors

It is permitted to receive day visitors during your stay at Mountain Sky Glamping.  We must be notified of any visitors during your stay.  .

8. Pets

Pets are welcome but only permitted with prior consent and booking and they are to be kept under control. Pets must not be left in the property unsupervised as this could result in damage to the property and distress to the animal(s). A maximum of one pet per Luxury Safari Tent is allowed. There is a £25 tariff payable per holiday per pet. We only allow two dogs at any one time on the farm. No pets are permitted on beds or in the cupboard bed. Your pet is your responsibility at all times and we cannot be held liable should a pet become lost or otherwise during your stay.

We reserve the right to request that any specific dog is placed on a lead at all times when not accompanied in a tent or vehicle. We also reserve the right to ask any party to terminate their holiday if a pet cannot abide by these requirements or adversely affect another guests’ stay. Should your pet injure any animals on site then you may be asked to remove your pet from site.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction – Any dispute will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the Northern Ireland Courts.

10. Risks

You will be staying on a working farm with live animals and potentially dangerous farm equipment amongst other hazards. Whilst we take great care to keep you safe, accidents can happen and we are not held responsible for such accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law). It is your responsibility to supervise any children at all times. If you notice that any equipment looks faulty and/or unsafe you must inform the farmer/ site manager as soon as possible. Children should not climb in sheds, animal enclosures or other structures around the site and take note of no entry signs.

Safari Tents are equipped with wood burning stoves.  It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that yourng children do not place themselves in a situation where they injure themselves by being vigilant of any potential incident.  Fireguards are available on request but they do not guarantee safety.  Parental supervision is essential at all times. Mountain Sky Glamping cannot be held liable for injuries sustained due to parents/guardians failing to supervise children around fire pits, fires, barbecues and wood burners.

The use of rivers lakes, climbing trees and any other activity on the Owners land is the responsibility of the guest and is done so at their own risk.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance against the risk of accidents and your stay being cut short.

11. Liability

By booking Mountains Sky Glamping tents you confirm that you take sole and exclusive responsibility for your own safety and well being and that of your guests.

Mountain Sky Glamping accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay with us. The guest and those who accompany him or her, are jointly and severally responsible for all loss and/or damage which arises, at Mountain Sky Glamping or any third party as a direct or an indirect consequence of their stay. This also includes pets which should be monitored around the site.

We will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on our part or on part of any other person not within their employ or otherwise under our control, nor for any accident, loss of property, damage, expense, incovenience or personal injury to you or your guests during your/their stay

Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence and for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude/limit our liability.

12. Force majeure

Mountain Sky Glamping cannot be held liable if through Force Majeure our agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of Mountain Sky Glamping including fire, floods, stormy weather, gales, threat of war, staff strikes, blockades and other disruptions or events.

13. Complaints

Despite all the care of Mountain Sky Glamping it could occur that you have a genuine complaint. You must take up this complaint with the farmer or site manager immediately, in order to allow us to solve the matter as soon as possible. Should the complaint not be settled to your satisfaction, then you can write to us within 14 days after your departure setting out the details of your complaint.

14. Validity clause

In the event that a court finds that a condition in these Booking Conditions is illegal or void, the illegal or void provision will be severed from the remainder of the Booking Conditions, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.